types of adaptive control & conventional feedback control system

DIRECT ADAPTIVE CONTROL SYSTEM in direct adaptive control system estimated parameters are directly used in adaptive controller.it means that the controller parameters are directly adjusted by the adaption techniques. it eliminates the need of plant parameters adjustment. INDIRECT ADAPTIVE CONTROL SYSTEM in indirect adaptive control plant parameters are indirectly estimated values which are used to […]

What is piezoelectric transducer

  PIEZOELECTRIC TRANSDUCER This is the device which is used to convert the force, pressure ,and load into the electrical signal. the major difference between the transducer and sensor is that ” sensor can only convert the physical quantity into the electrical energy or electrical signal.but transducer can convert any king of physical quantity into […]


CONTROL SYSTEM A control system is a set of devices which consist of commands , instructions that are further manipulate to produce or develop controlled variables. these control variables are then passes to the plant processor which gives desired output.   it plays a very important role to develop the modern technology.every system require the […]

Humidity sensor- types of humidity

 HUMIDITY SENSOR                                               humidity sensor is nothing but a device which can measure the amount of water or moisture present in air.this is also known as HYGROMETER. BEFORE GO FAR I WANT TO TELL SOME IMPORTANT ABOUT THE HUMIDITY   1.their is  a important point to remember that the amount of moisture present in air […]


what is potentiometer   potentiometer is a potential divider or we can also say that it is manually adjustable resister with three terminal.Two terminals are connected to resistive element and third one is connected to wiper.wiper position is determines the output voltage. potentiometer has three terminals first and third terminal are connected to a resistive […]

Proximity sensors

    PROXIMITY SENSOR   proximity sensor is a small device which can detect the presence of any nearby object without any physical contact. proximity sensor are more reliable because there is no physical contact between the sensor and  detected object. WORKING PRINCIPLE OF PROXIMITY SENSOR    working principle of the proximity sensor is similar […]