How to point domain name to website hosted elsewhere

Today I  am going to Discuss How to point a domain name to the website hosted elsewhere. Most of the beginners face this type of silly Problems. I also faced this problem. But after some time I feel that this is very simple.

There are many People Who have the same problem that I have mentioned earlier. They are unable to point  Domain name to  Website hosted elsewhere. Because they bay domain from Godaddy or other’s  Domain Registrar Company Like Namecheap, hostgator and Hosted their website to a different Hosting Company Like Hostgator , Bluehost etc.. in this Condition beginners gets Confuse to Configure it. So I am here to Resolve this Confusion. So please Keep on eyes on it.

As we all know that Godaddy is a best internet Domain registrar & Web hosting Company. But my experience says that godaddy is  only a good  Domain registrar Company but not a good Web hosting Company.

There may be many Combinations  for domain registration and hosting . because their are number of  Web hosting & domain registrar companies . One can choose any of these Combinations Given Below:

Domain Registrar Company    Web Hosting Company            Combinations
1. Godaddy  Godaddy      Godaddy + Godaddy
2. Namecheap Namecheap     Namecheap + Namecheap
3.Godaddy Bluehost     Godaddy + Bluehost 
4. Godaddy Hostgator     Godaddy + Hostgator
5.Namecheap Hostgator      Namecheap+ Hostgator
6.Namecheap Bluehost      Namecheap + Bluehost

However, There are many other Hosting and domain registrar Companies. but I have listed only Most popular Companies.

You can Choose One of them from the list to  Make your Website. I suggest you to Choose  3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Combinations to make your website. I also chose 4th Combination.

I  am taking  4th Combination as my Prime Concern. According to it, GoDaddy chooses for Domain Registration and Hostgator Chooses for web hosting.

If you have already been purchased your Domain from Godaddy then you do not need to read following Guide. But If  you are the newbie then you Must read my guide:


Step By Step Guide To Point   godaddy Domain name to  Hostgator Hosted Website :

First Step :   Buy a Domain from Godaddy  (How to pick a domain Name  From Godaddy?)

Second Step:  Buy a Web Hosting Plan from Hostgator . To Buy a hosting plan from Hostgator Please follow these instructions.

  • Switch to your Hostgator  Account  if you already have (* If not Please Create New One )
  • Choose a Hosting Plan . for Beginners Shared Web Hosting > Baby Plan (If you use This Link Then you would only pay 0.01$ for first One Month . For More Information Read My Guide : Get Almost Free Hosting For First 1Month Use Coupon Code CENT1)
  • fill your Billing Information (* Please do Uncheck all the additional Services)

The whole billing form looks like as follow —->

hostgator billing formhostgator billing form hostgator additional serviceshostgator applying coupon code section

  •  After filling all the Information Click On Checkout now! Button.
  • after a while you will get an Email . in this Email you will find your username & password and some other DNS information which is very much useful to point  Domain name to your website.

Email send by Hostgator company

Third Step: Now it’s time to point the domain name to hosted website. in this step you have to first Switch to your Godaddy account.


godaddy my account -domain name

Then Click  to  Manage  Domain . here you will see your domain Status.

godaddy maanage my domain name

Step Four: Now Click on the Domain name that you want to Configure or Point. Suppose I want to Manage then  I Simply Click on the Domain name ( > Settings> Nameservers

nameservers Settings

Now you have to only Click on the Manage Link Underneath of Nameservers. then you will find The following popup. Select setup type Custom Nameserver

point domain name to hosted website

Step Five : Now Go to your Gmail Account and Copy your Nameservers  &  Paste these nameservers to the above popup. It will take Up to 48 hours to Point domain name to your new Nameservers. 


Congratulations !!! You have successfully  Point domain name to your new hosted website.


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