power supply (Power supply and power storage)

 Power supply

in this topic we will discuss about ….how the power being supply from the source to the destination  

there are many of source that are used as power sources like 
2.photo voltic cells
3.fuel cells


batteries are the mostly used power source in robotics.there are many types of batteries  are used.  non rechargeable batteries are generally used for large amount of power.

photo voltic cells

photovoltic cells are works on the concept of  photoelectric effect.some material possess photoelectric property .when a material expose into the light, then it would produce small amount of electric current .when light falls on the surface then they absorb some photons of the light and release  electrons. photovoltic cell first discover by bell Laboratories in 1954.it is also known as solar cell.
solar cells are generally made up of semiconductors like silicon.silicon is mainly used in micro-electronics in industry. When light energy strikes the solar cell, electrons are knocked loose from the atoms in the semiconductor material. If electrical conductors are attached to the positive and negative sides, forming an electrical circuit, the electrons can be captured in the form of an electric current — that is, electricity.

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fuel cells

fuel  cells  are  the cells that converts the chemical energy which is produced by fuel and oxident mixture into the electrical energy.fuel cell mainly consist of  fuel and oxident. mostly there are some fuels constituents like hydrogen,methanol,diesel etc. there are some oxident like air,chlorine,dioxide.
                                                              electrochemical process
                                   fuel + oxident  ——————————>  electricity.
      ( hydrogen,methanol)      (air,chlorine,dioxide)                       (current)   
in above line you can also understand the definition of the fuel cell . it means that it converts the chemical energy of fuel and oxident into the electricity through the electrochemical process.


fuel cells are use in many application 
stationary installation 
portable uses
transportation vehicles like ca
in cars mainly petroleum is used as the fuel  but  As the fuel technology is  increases the fuel(petroleum ) is replaced by hydrogen fuel.
but we can not use it in normal way because hydrogen is  more expensive and abundant element or also can not be stored easily
methanol is also use as  fuelmethanol is in liquid form so can easily be stored and   transported.but methanol and also gasoline produces pollutable gases like CO2 which is harmful to the environment.
fuel cells can be use for long time instead of battery which become discharge after some time interval.

here i want to tell about the basic power circuit used in robot

As we know that the  all the microcontroller control system used only 5V power supply.but in market we usually find 9 or 12v power supply batteries so in such cases we have to use a circuit which can able to convert the  9 or 12v power supply into the 5 volt power supply.
Components that are used in this circuit 
1.  1N4007 diode (bipolor)
2.  12v battery
3. relay 
4. 7805 regulator  ic
5.  radial electrolytic  capacitor
6. indicator LED (Red )
7.  transistor (BC547BP)
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