Pressure sensors

What is Pressure sensors 

    before discuss about the pressure sensor first i want to give you little bit about pressure 
  what is the mean of pressure ?  
pressure is defined as the force applied on a body perpendicular to the body surface (on which the force being applied).so pressure is like a force applied on point mass.
what is the pressure sensor ?
these are mainly used to measure the pressure of the gases and liquids.there are many devices used to monitor fluid pressure in industrial processes. these processes involves the elastic deformation of the diaphragms,capsules,bellows and tubes. 

  •   working principle of the pressure sensor
            there are different-2 types of pressure sensors are used for measuring the pressure of  any system.pressure sensor basically sense the pressure and converts it into electrical signal.This type of pressure sensor consists of a micro-machined silicon diaphragm with piezoresistive strain gauges diffused into it, fused to a silicon or glass backplate. The resistors have a value of approx. 3.5 kOhm. Pressure induced strain increases the value of the radial resistors (r), and decreases the value of the resistors (t) transverse to the radius. This resistance change can be high as 30%..

normally a  diaphragm construction is used with strain gauge which is bonded into the diaphragm.this is main element of this it sense the difference in two sides of the diaphragm.if there is the change in the pressure in two sides of the diaphragm. this results  the resistance of the strain gauge will change and accordingly voltage variation take place which is directly proportional to the  pressure.

 63723-fig1 Pressure sensors


 this is also known as variable capacitance pressure sensor.these types of sensors basically consist of two types of metal plates.these are separated by material such as air.these materials are also known as dielectric material. the distance between two plates may vary according to the unknown input  pressure applied on the sensor which results to change of capacitance  and accordingly change in the voltage which is directly proportional to the pressure.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ0K2V8doHotvN6r0LNCqBqWnZ1lAB9Xm1Fh6Q9OB32DIJzIOG0 Pressure sensors

  • types of the pressure sensors measurement
  • absolute pressure   sensor
  • vacuum pressure  sensor
  • gauge pressure  sensor
  • differential pressure sensor

absolute pressure   sensor
                                     this type of sensor generally used to measure the pressure relative to the purely vacuum .these types of sensor are rear in use because the existance of the pure vacuum is not possible so these are not generally  used in pressure measurement.

portal_absolute-pressure Pressure sensors 

  • vacuum pressure  sensor

    these types of sensors also known as negative gauge pressure sensor.these are used for measuring the pressure below the atmospheric pressure.

 Pressure-Principle-e1364879524698 Pressure sensors

  • gauge pressure  sensor

it measures the pressure relative to the atmospheric pressure.

differential pressure sensor
 these types of pressure sensors  used to measure the pressure between two point .

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