SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is  Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a  very useful tool to make your website more effective and intensive for search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc….

It is a strategy to calculate the ranking of your web page in google search engine.  Every webmaster wants that his or her website visible on the first page of the google search results. If your website is SEO friendly then it will definitely more visible in search results then others.


There are millions of websites which contain the information of their related topics. but only a few of them are ranked on the top page of google. Because Search engine only paying their attention to some methodologies like the structure of a website, content of web page etc. According to these methodologies, search engine ranked each and every web page. so SEO is very important for any online business.

1. It allows more visibility  on search engine

2.It provide an ability to  drive more traffic to your  website

3. It helps the crawlers to crawl web pages easily

4. It also improves the user experience on a website.

5. web page become more reliable.

6.It reduces the competition between the online business which results to more customers will engage with your product.

7.It increases the social engagement.

Most of the beginners do not understand the Word SEO.   I have prepared an example for better understanding so that it become more helpful to the beginners.

EXAMPLE:  Suppose you have a website. you are working on your website since 1 year. but your website does not drive more traffic and also does not indexed by google. At the same way, your friend also has a website. he is also working on his website since 1 year. His website is driving more traffic than your website and also has got ranked in google search Engine.  This is happening so because you are not working with Search engine optimization strategy and also not following rules and terms of search engine optimization. So it is very important that you should use SEO   rules very well.




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