How To Setup MAXCDN With WordPress Using WP Fastest Cache Plugin

How To Setup MAXCDN With WordPress Using WP Fastest Cache Plugin

Ok, now you have decided to set up MAXCDN with WordPress. But don’t know where to start. No worries, I’ve prepared a MAXCDN tutorial to install MAXCDN with WP fastest cache plugin. It will take only 5 to 10 minutes to walk you through with this guide.

In this guide, I’ll also describe how does MAXCDN work? How to create a pull zone and how to set up MAXCDN with WordPress using WP fastest cache plugin.

Before you started, let’s talk a little bit about what is CDN and how does it help you improve your overall SEO and ranking.

What is CDN and how does MAXCDN work?

It’s a networking system distribute your content to multiple servers situated at different-2 geolocation. It reduces the server response time for the browser and serves instant results to users.

The working principle is simple when a visitor visits your website. Browser requests to a server and the server send a response code to ensure that corresponding data is delivered to the browser. It may take 200ms second or more. If your hosting server is not good, it may take up to 2 seconds. Which increases the loading time, resulting in bad user experience.

But if you use MAXCDN or any other CDN (content delivery network) services then loading time could be minimized up to 170% to 180%. When you setup CDN service on your website. CDN send your website’s static copies to their global servers. These servers are located at the different-2 geolocations. After that, your site will be available on multiple servers.

So, let’s suppose someone visits your site from China. And your original server is located in the UK. In absence of CDN, your server response time would be higher because it takes time to receive the data from the UK to China.

On the other hand, if you’re using CDN then the browser will look for the nearest server where your site might be stored. Once browser discovers your site’s locality, a request is sent to that server and browser receive the data and serve you instantly.

Why should you use MAXCDN?

Google has confirmed that ‘they prefer fast and safe results.’ Whatever do you think? Studies show that to get the massive growth, you should make sure your website is optimized for speed. If you’re on WordPress then it’s easy for you to speed up your results on google. Because it provides you with a couple of plugins that you can use to improve loading speed.

  1. It increases the loading speed of your site
  2. Decrease the server response time
  3. Improve your SEO
  4. Enhance your site performance
  5. Increase search rankings. It has increased SEO and traffic by 400% in just 2 months
  6. It’s super easy to set up with WordPress
  7. Improve user experience
  8. If your original server isn’t available at your desire geolocation, then you can use CDN to spread your server locality to improve your SEO and performance.
  9. Purge your content instantly.
  10. Because Google considers speed as a ranking factor. MaxCDN has increased my site speed by 180%.


You must have seen a lot of CDN that promises you to boost your site’s loading speed up to 200%. But in reality, they serve you worst services.

Best thing is to do a thorough research and find best CDN service for your businesses or website. You need to consider these things before buying any CDN network.

The salient points that you must remember while purchasing any CDN.

  1. Very first thing is ‘check for (Pop) point of presence.’ For instance, suppose your original server is located in the US. But you like to serve your business in UK, China, Japan and Australia. Then your CDN must have these point of presence. So, that browser can instantly fetch your web stuff.
  2. Never forget to check ‘how many Pop servers are available.’
  3. Check for reviews to ensure that your CDN server is reliable.
  4. Customer support
  5. Choose a suitable and affordable CDN. MAXCDN is an example of cheap CDN.
  6. Also look for ‘how much data bandwidth they are providing.’ If you’re running a small site which is generating 6,000 to 10,000 visits per month. Then it’s enough to buy 100GB bandwidth package. But for handling a huge amount of traffic then you need to purchase 5TB to 25 TB or more.
  7. Security
  8. Last but not least, ask others who are already using this service and then tried to figure out which one suits you.

Now I’m going to serve you a MAXCDN tutorial that could help you to install MAXCDN with WordPress using a plugin.

Although, there are a lot of plugins that can use for connecting MAXCDN with WordPress. Some of them are listed below

  1. WP super cache
  2. W3 total cache
  3. WP fastest cache

These three are the best cache plugin for WordPress. You can choose any of them. But here I’ll tell you how to configure MAXCDN with WP fastest cache.

Step by Step Guide To Setup MAXCDN With WordPress Using WP Fastest Cache

Why I’ve selected WP fastest cache plugin. Because it’s very simple to configure. One can easily connect MAXCDN with this plugin.

Ok, let’s get started…

1st step – (MAXCDN pricing)

To get started, buy the best CDN package that fits you. I like MAXCDN pricing. Because it provides you beneficial packages. My site is not big so I’ve purchased the entrepreneur plan.

This plan is further divided into three packages. So, here you can make your choice wisely. Entrepreneur plan is mostly for WordPress bloggers and small companies.

maxcdn pricing list

2nd step – (How to buy MAXCDN server)

Once you’ve selected your plan it’s time to buy it. For that, create MAXCDN account by clicking the signup button just below the package features.

As you click the signup button, it will take you to another page where you’re asked for following details.

  1. Account details: Put your valid Gmail ID and choose any password that you want.
  2. Billing address: Here you’re asked for your current address. Put your real name and address carefully.
  3. Add additional services to your account: if you don’t want to add any additional service, then don’t make any changes just skip this option
  4. Enter your billing information: Fill out your card details carefully.
  5. Finally, click the orange colour ‘create account and get started’


how to create maxcdn account

how to buy a maxcdn server

3rd step – (Create pull zones)

After entering into MAXCDN control panel, your first task would be ‘creating pull zones.’ Sound’s weird! Don’t know what is pull zone? Don’t worry, let me explain to you

There are two types of CDN the first one is ‘pull CDN’ and the second one is ‘push CDN’.

Pull type CDN

As the name itself explains that data is pulled from your original server. Here you don’t need to upload your website’s files on CDN’s server. Just create your pull zones and CDN will automatically rewrite your origin URL locations to their corresponding server location.

Old URL: –

CDN URL: –   (cdn is a subdomain. This is your choice what subdomain do you want to point to. For instant, my choice is cdn.  You can either choose another subdomain like blog, file etc.)

Every time a visitor makes a request, CDN first goes to your origin server where your original files are stored and pull the corresponding file to serve the visitor.

Push type CDN

Push CDN works differently. You can consider it as a new server. Here you need to upload your files to this new server using FTP. However, it could be done either automatically or manually.

If someone makes a request, CDN doesn’t need to pull the data from the origin server. Because all the files are now available on CDN’s own server. CDN just pushes them forward to travel the path between the browser and CDN server.

Both CDNs are good. But if you are running a blog then creating pull zone would be better than push zone.

Hopefully, now you know the types of CDNs. Ok, let’s move on to continue the earlier discussion.

How to create MAXCDN pull zones

Log in to your account and head to the zones > create pull zone

How to create pull zone in maxcdn

As you click the ‘create pull zone button’, you will see the following screen given below.

creating pull zone for maxcdn

Here you’re asked for three things

  • Name: This is your pull zone name. In case, if you’ve got a lot of pull zones then it will help you to identify the desire pull zone.
  • Origin server URL: Put your origin server URL. This is your exact site URL. In my case, it is ‘’. Your URL should be started with ‘http’ or ‘https’. Never forget to put the trailing slash (/) at the end of the URL. Because this would be your root domain.
  • Level: this is a little description of your pull zone. This is similar to tags. For example. ‘pull zone for Beginners blog

Once you’ve done, click the ‘create’ button. Within a few seconds, it creates a ‘pull zone’ and you’ll find a message called ‘pull zone has been successfully created’

pull zone has been successfully created

As you click the close button, you’ll find a URL which is called ‘CDN URL’. Which looks like ‘’. Copy that URL and go to the next configuration given below

4th step – (Create a custom domain in MAXCDN)

Ok, you’ve successfully created pull zones. Now it’s time to create a custom domain. For creating, go to settings and create custom domain like this. You can create up to 7. But I think 4 custom URLs are enough.

create custom domain in maxcdn

It is not mandatory to have a subdomain like ‘cdn’. You can put any other subdomain like file, site and blog etc.

If you choose ‘cdn’ as a subdomain your custom domain looks like this


5th step – (Add CNAME records for MAXCDN from cPanel)

Here you need to point your custom domain to the CDN URL. Let’s see how you can do that.

My site is hosted on Hostgator. If you’re on different hosting. Then don’t worry every hosting cPanel has very similar settings.

First of all, login to cPanel > Domain > simple zone editor

As you enter into the simple Zone editor. You’re asked to choose a domain under which you want to add CNAME records.

Now here you’re asked for two things.

  • Name: Put your custom domain (ex: that you’ve created earlier.
  • CNAME: put your CDN URL which looks like ‘’

how to Add a cname records for maxcdn from cpanel

Repeat this process 4 times to create four CNAME records. Your CNAME records look like this.

you have succesfully add CNAME records

6th step – (Download the WP fastest cache plugin)

Go to WordPress dashboard and install this plugin.

7th step – (Set up MAXCDN with WordPress using WP fastest cache)

You’ve finished your primary configuration. Now you need to connect MAXCDN with WordPress. First thing first, open WordPress dashboard > WP fastest cache plugin

As you click the plugin icon, you’re asked to make the ideal WP fastest cache plugin settings. Tick the following options.

WP fastest plugin ideal settings

If you’re using a free version of this plugin. Then you’re not allowed to tick some of the options. Leave them as it is.

Next, click the CDN button

Install your MAXCDN settings here

And select ‘CDN by MAXCDN.’ Here you’re asked for creating a MAXCDN account. You’ve already created one so just skip that and click the ‘next’ button.

Connect the MaxCDN with WP fastest plugin

The next box asks you for two things the first one is CDN URL and the second one is ‘origin URL’. CDN URL is required to deliver you content with MAXCDN and origin URL is required to pull the original content to serve the browser.

Where to put CDN URL in WP fastest cache plugin

After putting both the URLs, click the next button. Specify the file type to host with MAXCDN and click the next button.

file types within the to host with CDN in WP fastest cache

Finally, you’re asked for specifying the sources. Keep it empty.

specify the sources in WP fastest cache

You’re all set. Just click the Finish button and you’re successfully set up the MAXCDN with WordPress using WP fastest cache plugin. Now MAXCDN is able to deliver your static files to the end users.

Attention: –

Conclusion: –

If someone asks me to choose a best and cheap CDN service then I’ll choose MAXCDN. Because it serves me well.

It helps me to increase my loading speed by 180%. Earlier it was 7 second but now it is 1 to 3 seconds. It also helps me to improve my SEO and search rankings.

I hope you would enjoy reading this guide. If you like this article, don’t forget to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit.

If you’ve any query, feel free to ask.

How was your experience while using MAXCDN? Share your thoughts.


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