The Solution of Google Adsense Policies FAQs


Google Adsense has already Launched a Bunch of Policies.Every Publisher has to follow these Policies so that he can properly work with AdSense otherwise, he would not be able to go along with google Adsense.The Main Motive of Google Adsense Policies is to Secure & Protect their advertisers and publishers from the detrimental activities.


Why Google Adsense requires these Policies

  1. If google does not introduce any policy then publishers could easily access the misled & apply them to ads.
  2. They Could also free to implement their ads anywhere within the content.
  3. Advertisers Could realize plenty of losses without any Profit.Due to this reason, advertisers would not relish investing in AdWords(Google Advertising).

Now let me Come to the Point.There are Bunch of questions massive around within the publisher’s mind. So today I will try to Include all the Questions in my copy to shake off better Solutions.

The Solution of Google Adsense Policies FAQs

 The Questions that are related to Content of your Site:

1. However, I am writing Unique Content and There is no any Sexual  Content in my blog Then Why google Adsense notified me that your blog has Sexual Content?.

Reason Behind It

  •  because there is a chance that you would have Linked your blog page to any other illegal (Sexually rich Content) blog page.This is the Most primary reason Behind this.
  • It may also possible that you have Installed any third party adult Ads on your web page.
  • Someone has Commented you Spam Like “Nice, good post!”.then It may probably happen that The Person who has Commented you has Linked his adult website Content with your blog in order to increase his website backlinks & Traffic.

Solution of This Question 

  • To Stop out this Mess up, you need to Distinguish that whether your Written text Content & Image Content is Exposable Infront of your family member or not.if you feel Safe then it’s Okay.Otherwise, You need to delete this kind of Content from your blog page.

if you are not using Adsense ads on your blog but Instead of this, you are using another ad network.if this ad network does not put any restriction on the adult content then you can put these ads on your blog.but there are some cases where you need to check the age of User to access your blog page.In Such Case, you can Use Some WordPress Plugins.These plugins have an ability to restrict the User to interact with your blog if they don’t like to read adult content.

Download Following Plugins:-

2.What Is User Generate Content In google Adsense Policies? Is only the publisher Responsible for generating the Content?.

The User-Generate-Content is content which is generated by your Visitors.The only Publisher is responsible for any Kind of content generation.

Why is Only the Publisher Responsible for Content Generation?

  • Because you are the owner of your web property.Everything inside this web is your responsibility.if any single visitor Commenting you some slug or any adult Stuff. Then this whole thing is also considered as adult content.So make sure that if any user commenting you something which resembles Shameful then please don’t approve his Comment.

Solution of This Question

  • Here my Suggestion is that, Check Your Comment Section Whether  Comments are Safe for you or not.If you find any unusual Content then don’t Approve these Comment.
  • Make your Privacy this page you can put restrictions on your Users or visitors.
  • You can also use some WordPress plugins to improve the Comment System.

3. If my website consists of some Crack Softwares or  Serial number to crack the software. in that case, will my website is considered as Copyright issue?

  • Yes, If you use Such type of Stuff then your website is considered as Copyrighted Issue.Because you can not use other’s property on your web site without owner permission.

4. Why has Adsense emailed me about User’s Adult keyword Search Issue?. However, I had not found any such keyword Search Issue.

  • If you receive such email then please remove Adsense ads from your corresponding web page.

5. if I link any adult website to my web page then will it be the violation of google Adsense policies?.

  • Yes, Google Adsense does not allow you to link any unusual do follow the link(Dofollow means the links that must be followed by search engines) on your please do not use these kinds of links if you find any insecurity.

Questions Related to Ad Implementation in google Adsense Policies

1. Should I place the Google ads under the link or Download button?. Is this the violation of AdSense policy?.

  • The Answer is that you Should not put any ad code just next to any link or download link.because this Situation produces unnecessary accidental ad click Issue.which may results that your Adsense account may get banned.So I think this is not the violation of policy but this can produce misconception in user’s mind that which one is a link and which one is an ad.

2.Can I Customize ads in such a way that they exactly look like my page content?.

  • You Can Customize your Adsense ads but Do not try to format them exactly same to your page content.
  • You can only Change the Color, Size, Background & Style of your ads.but do not try to modify the ad code.
  • You check the user behavior by simply assuming yourself as a user.and then visit your own web page.Now here if you are able to distinguish between ad and content then it’s ok.otherwise you need to change your ad format.

3. Can I use my AdSense ads over the layer or fold?. Is this violating google Adsense Policies?

  • If AdSense does not find any content above the ads on fold.then this is the case where you are infringing the Adsense policies.And if you put sufficient Content above the ads then it’s ok.

4. Can I use Sticky Ads within my web page which are always in front of me however I am scrolling down my page?

  • No, you can’t use these types of ads.This type of ad placement is not valid for approved publishers.

5. Can I Place google ads under the Misleading header?.

  • No, You are not allowed to place your ads under the misleading header (like Recommended, Must Click or Something that encourages the user to click on the ads).See Below to understand:-

Google adsense Policies Misleading Header

6. Can I place Google Adsense ads Inside the Email?.

  • No, You can not insert ads inside the Email.If you doing so then your are infringing of google Adsense policies.

7. Is there any prohibition To displaying third party website on my website?.

  • Yes, you are Strictly Prohibited to displaying third party website on your own website.  

8. Can I Place Adsense ads on my web app?.

  • No, You can not put ad code on your web’s the Violation of google AdSense policies.

Why google Adsense Makes Deduction from my Earnings?.

There are Mostly two Reasons behind these deductions. 

  • Invalid Click Activity.
  • Sudden Changes in CTR.

I have already discussed Invalid Click Activity.If you have missed This Guide then please Checkout here.

google Adsense is always keeping an eye on your AdSense account.If Adsense notices any Suspicious Activity on your Account. then in order to Protect the advertiser AdSense team will send you an Email regarding your Invalid activity.All the Earnings Included in your account is further refunded to their advertisers.

This activity can harm your AdSense account. so make sure that as you receive any email from AdSense Team regarding the invalid activity.please take instant action.

After receiving Email firstly you need to remove your ad code from your web page.Then you can fill this appeal form if your AdSense account has been deactivated.

Sudden Changes In CTR: 

If google Adsense records any Impulsive Change In Click Through Rate.then you will find a deduction from your Estimated Earnings.according to my experience, CTR Should not exceed from 0.6% to 3%.


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