What is SSL Certificate in Web hosting

SSL-Certificate What is  SSL Certificate  in Web hosting


Today I am going to discuss about the SSL certificate . What is the mean of ssl ? . why  is it require ?. Most of people does not know about the SSL certificate . But it  is more important to  understand the use of ssl certificate.

What is SSL ?

 SSL is refers as Secure Socket Layer . It is basically a security  Protocol  which generates an encrypted Link or connection between the Website and Browser (Like Mozilla firefox , Google chrome). It is used to protect your secure data like ATM card number , pin number , password  etc.

Why you Should Need SSL Certificate

  • If your Website is allowing  Security accessing Process  like ATM transaction . In these cases you will want to secure your ATM  information like password , card number etc .
  • SSL Certificate helps you to secure your Login page.
  • If you are directly checkout with paypal , or other trusted  website then there is no need of any SSL certificate.
  • SSL Certificate provides  safe encryption and safe browsing , due to this reason  mostly e-commercial website use SSL to secure their customer’s private information.

How SSL Certificate works

As I Mentioned above that SSL is a Security System that protect our personal or private information from any hacking activity . It  is very  important to understand the working of  ssl .

When someone  access a web page looks like this :

ssl-certificate-browser-lock What is  SSL Certificate  in Web hosting

Here Green Lock Indicates that the website is totally secure by using https (hyper text transfer protocol secure) .

Similarly when your browser search for any SSL certified website . This website is highly encrypted by Security Layer . This security layer is created by SSL . So if browser requests any ssl website from  server , then  Browser  first has to create a shake hand  with the server . which ensures that the website is totally secure from very beginning .

After this server has make an attempt  to verify the  site with ssl . once the certificate make a qualification  then the server delivers the website to the browser to browse any  query along with it.


Advantage of SSL

  • Your website become totally secure .
  • It  protects data privacy.
  • As we all know that  the data send by the server is passes through many computers which make your privacy more unsecure . so ssl  is  important to make your privacy  More secure .
  • Third parties can not access your  private data.
  • Improve customer’s trust.
  • It also helps to increase in search engine ranking.

Disadvantage of SSL

  • It makes the sever slow. because it includes encryption and decryption  process . which take much time to access .
  • Cost of SSL is higher .because ssl service provider requires maintenance of  infrastructure . SSL certificate provider also has to verify the business credentails .
  • Expiry date : Renew the ssl certificate is also essential . because if you do  not renew your certificate then  you site also get expired .





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