What is SSL Certificate in Web hosting

ssl certificate



Today I am going to discuss the SSL certificate. What is the mean of SSL? Why is it require ?. Most of the people do not know about the SSL certificate. But it is more important to understand the use of SSL certificate.

What is SSL?

 SSL is referred as Secure Socket Layer. It is basically a security  Protocol which generates an encrypted Link or connection between the Website and Browser (Like Mozilla firefox, Google chrome). It is used to protect your secure data like ATM card number, pin number, password etc.

Why you Should Need SSL Certificate

  • If your Website is allowing  Security accessing Process like ATM transaction. In these cases, you will want to secure your ATM  information like password, card number etc.
  • SSL Certificate helps you to secure your Login page.
  • If you are directly checkout with PayPal, or other trusted website then there is no need for any SSL certificate.
  • SSL Certificate provides safe encryption and safe browsing, due to this reason mostly e-commercial website use SSL to secure their customer’s private information.

How SSL Certificate works

As I Mentioned above that SSL is a Security System that protects our personal or private information from any hacking activity. It is very important to understand the working of ssl .

When someone  access a web page looks like this:

ssl certificate browser lock

Here Green Lock Indicates that the website is totally secure by using https (hypertext transfer protocol secure).

Similarly when your browser searches for any SSL certified website. This website is highly encrypted by Security Layer. This security layer is created by SSL. So if the browser requests any SSL website from the server , then  Browser first has to create a shaking hand with the server. which ensures that the website is totally secure from the very beginning.

After this server has made an attempt to verify the site with SSL. once the certificate makes a qualification then the server delivers the website to the browser to browse any query along with it.


Advantage of SSL

  • Your website becomes totally secure.
  • It protects data privacy.
  • As we all know that the data send by the server is passes through many computers which make your privacy more secure. so SSL is  important to make you  More unsecured.
  • Third parties can not access your private data.
  • Improve customer’s trust.
  • It also helps to increase in search engine ranking.

Disadvantage of SSL

  • It makes the server slow. because it includes encryption and decryption process . which take much time to access.
  • The cost of SSL is higher .because SSL service provider requires maintenance of infrastructure . SSL certificate provider also has to verify the business credentials.
  • Expiry date: Renew the SSL certificate is also essential. because if you do not renew your certificate then you site also get expired.





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