Top 10 Ways to Make Money online

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Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Hello, friends, I welcome to all of you. Today I am going to discuss the The 10 Ways to Make Money online. In this post, i will discuss the Genuine ways  To Earn Money online.

However there are several ways to make money online.  But some of them of  are very professional ways. I hope you like these ways.

1. Blogging

Blogging is the one of the best way to Make Money online. It is something through which you can share your  knowledge , thinking, ideas  and also you can build your own business. you can earn millions of dollars through blogging. it is the utmost way to make money online.

 The people who want to start a blog then there are something that they have to take in their mind

  • patience: This is the very important quality of a human.  if he wants success he has to keep patience. If you can not do so then you can not get success.
  • Passionate: Having strong feelings . one has to become very passionate about their dreams.


Please visit these topics to have Quick guide to starting a blog Easily

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is something which is related to the blogging. As we know that every advertiser requires publishers to share or promote their products in order to increase the business visibility and selling capabilities. Affiliate is an online marketing program to monetize the business.

How Affiliate Marketing works : To  understand the affiliate program let’s take an example – suppose you  have a website or blog about the web hosting. you have been working on it since 1 year or more than 1 year. Suddenly you hear about an Hostgator affiliate programming .

you go and apply to join it (it’s totally free) . After 1 or 2 days you will have receive an email from the affiliate program  company.  company will provide you a Tracking ID .

They will allow you to sell their product by your recommendation. If you Make any one of sell then you will get a commission from the affiliate company. the commission may vary according to the sell that you have made(from 1$ to 10000$).

3. Google  Adsense 

This also a very great way to Make Money online by google Adsense. if you have a website and you want to monetize your website. then you can apply for google adsense program . simply go to the earlier link and sign up.

After 2 or 3 days you can get an email for conformation your application. Sign in to the AdSense and go to the ad unit. Choose your ad unit type and apply it. you will find an ad code. Now just go to your website and add your ad code to your website.


ad-code-configuration-make-money-online Top 10 Ways to Make Money online

4.Freelance Writer

people who have free time to spend at home without doing nothing. please do not waste your time. you can utilize your time to make money online. you have to just go to the google and type Freelancer. 

you land up the login page of a freelancer . Now you have to select the category of your work like writing, designing, IT Website developing etc.

Then you have to ask for your job (which type of job you want to do like posting articles, Excel work, etc). After filling up the application you have to submit it. Start working make it a full-time job.

freelancer-make-money-online Top 10 Ways to Make Money online

5.Apply for survey

This is the very intensive way to Make Money online. There is some online website which is allow you to survey some protects and tests. they will give a few amount of money up to 100$ per month .their are some links that you can use as Apply for Survey.

6.Installing apps on your mobile

There are some software developer companies that will pay you a few bux when you download any apps to your mobile device and install it. there are some links I want to share with you.

7. Make money from Playing online Games

you can also make money by playing online games. if you are like to play puzzles , GSN games then you can make money easily with playing online games.

8. Make Money online By uploading video on the youtube

I am pretty sure that most of the people are know about it. But the people who do not know about it Let me give them an introduction to this topic.

As you all know that youtube is the biggest entertainment platform in the world. Millions of the people have their channel on it. They have their own channel according to their skills, knowledge. But why they are wasting their time on youtube. The reason is Money and fame. They earn millions of dollars through the youtube by using adsense program on it.


youtube-channel-url-make-money-online Top 10 Ways to Make Money online

You have to just Make an account on youtube and upload unique videos. Do not Copy other’s video. you have you use your own fresh video content. However, there are many techniques you might have seen on the youtube to upload the copyrighted content. But I suggest you do not follow them.


9. Sell your Domain name

If you are a blogger and you have some blog. But after some time you want to sell your domain then you can easily sell at recommended high cost easily.

For example, you have a website and its domain name is you purchased it from hostgator at a worth of 3$. but when you sell your domain after a year  then you can earn up to 5000$ to 10000& depending upon your domain authority


10.  Surf the internet

some of the websites will give you a few bux to surf the internet. it basically allow you to make money online.this is not much but very  little amount about 200$ per year. Top 10 Ways to Make Money online









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