TRANSMISSION system used in robot and automobile (Transmission system ) 3

Types of flat belts drives

 1. open belt
 2. cross belt
 3. quarter belt
 4. belt drive with idler pulley
 5. compound belt drive
 6. stepped or cone pulley
 7. fast and lose pulley open belt drive    
                              this type of arrangement is used to transmit the power between driver and driven. when two shafts are parallel with each this case driver and driven are rotates in same direction.when driver A rotates in clockwise direction then the driven pulley B  also rotates in clockwise direction .due to this lower side of the belt become tight and upper side of the belt is become slack side of the whole arrangement.

Cross belt drive 
                              in this type of arrangement driver and driven pulleys are rotate in opposite direction.this is also known as twist belt drive.also you can under stands the arrangement with the help of schematic given below.

  quarter belt drive 
                           In this type of arrangement  the pulleys are arrange at perpendicular with each other .so these types of belts are used for power transmitting at 90 degree .in this types of flat belt drive the rotating shafts arranged at perpendicular .A schematic is given below to understand the arrangement.

Image result for quarter flat belt drive

belt drive with idler pulley
                                                  this type of arrangement is used when we want to increase the velocity ratio and also increase the contact angle. when driver pulley is smaller than the driven pulley  or vice versa then the contact angle is  so much sufficient  so to increase the contact angle, idler pulley is used.this is also used to increase the tension  in the belt which is responsible for high power transmission.
  Image result for belt drive with idler pulley

compound belt drive
                                      this type of arrangement is used when the power being transmitted from driver to driven pulley through the number of pulleys.


  stepped or cone pulley drive 
                                                    this type of  arrangement is used when the speed of the driven shaft is changes without any change in speed of driver pulley.

Image result for stepped or cone pulley drive


Image result for . fast and loose pulley drive

  this type of arrangement is used  when  their is the requirement of stopping and starting the machine shaft without another schematic you can see their are two types of  pulleys placed over the  machine shaft one is fast pulley and other is loose pulley .the functioning of both of pulleys are different because the fast pulley is attach to the machine 
shaft so to rotate the machine shaft the belt is wrapped over the fast pulley.but to stop the machine shaft the is wrapped over the loose pulley.because loose pulley is loose mounted over the pulley so it does not effect the spped or power of the machine 




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