Transmission system used in robot (Transmission system) 1


transmission system is the system through which the motion or power may transmit as per requirement .we know that to drive the transmission system there is the  requirement of the actuators.actuators are the very essential to derive the transmission system. transmission systems are the devices like gears,belts,chains,and also some linkage or harmonic drives.the desired speed or torque is not gained even with the use of an actuator. As a result, the mechanical transmission system is applied.

To make a specific actuation transmission system is required.

Types of transmission systems

1.Manual transmission

 2.automatic transmission 

 3.semi automatic transmission

          dual clutch transmission

            sequential transmission 

 4.continuously variable transmission

the above transmission systems are mostly used in automobile .


mostly transmission subsystem that are used in robotics are there



3.harmonic drives


The belts or ropes are used to transmit power from one shaft to another by means of pulleys which rotate at the same speed or at different speeds.  these are mainly used in robot to transmit the power from one source to another source . there are some type of belt


2.Flat belt

3.Circular belt


             this type of belts are used for maximum power has trapezoidal cross-section.they are used when the power transmission limited for short distance.means when the pulleys are separate at short distance. 

PW 92A Ivory Cogged V Belt 


Mechanical and chemical features of v-belt

1.smooth running 
2.long working life
3.low maintenance
4.high efficiency 
5.working temperature range about 30 to 90 degree 
6.oil and heat resistance 
7.easy installation 
8.wide horsepower range
9.dampen vibration between driver and driven pulley
10.silent operation 

 Material used in V-belts

    V-belts are made up of flexible material .these are made of polymer,rubber.but during the heavy power transmission there is requirement of strong belt so to increase the strength of the v-belt fiber may be embedded  with the polymer or also with the rubber. fiber may be textile materials such as nylon,polyester,cotton  . steel or aramid  also used to increase the strength of the belt. 

Power between the pulleys 
                                                P = (T1-T2)V

here  V is the velocity of the Belt 
T1 ans T2 is tension in  the tight side and slack side  of the belt respectivlly 
the relation of the T1 and T2 is 
T1/T2 = exp(ua)  
here ‘u’ is the friction coefficient between belt and pulley 
‘a’ is the contact angle   





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