How to Verify Google Adsense Address


Hello visitors  ……. How  are you doing ? .  I hope you are doing better. My today’s topic is about Google Adsense Address Verification .  Adsense  is the more qualified and reliable ads  platform . All the beginners are definitely know about the adsense . But to make it more clear for all the beginners I have Listed a  Guide about adsense.

Read following Guide Thoroughly  : What is adsense ?


When beginners just starting their blogging carrier , google adsense is the most primary earning  Source . because it is more reliable than other other ad networks. For beginners it is very hard to get an approval of adsense . But once your account is approved by Google adsense . you are able to Earn some money .

Google Adsense Address  Verification

During their starting phase their is no need to verify address . But when your Adsense earning crosses the Verification Threshold  (More than 10$) .In this case you would get a notification at the top of the adsense Dashboard. “your payment are currently on hold Because you have not verified your address. google-adsense-address-verification How to Verify Google Adsense Address

There are basically two methods to verify  your google adsense address.

  • PIN Verification
  • Government Certificate Verification

PIN (Personal Identification Number)Verification

Google Provide a facility to Protect your account. So for this Provision adsense allow the account holder to Verify his own address before getting any payments. This is the very easiest Way to Verify your address. You have to only go through  following instructions .

  • Sign in your adsense account .
  • Go to Gear Icon Shown in the Right Side.
  • Click on Settings .
  • Go to Account Information and Click on  Verify address blue Link.
  • My account has already been verified by adsense . So here you  would not see  any Verification Link.

google-adsense-PIN-Verification How to Verify Google Adsense Address

  • After Clicking on this link you will redirected to an another Page. here you will See a  new PIN Request  button. Just Click on request PIN button . you will see a notification “you have only one month to verify PIN“.
  • *Please note that before Clicking on Request PIN Button , cross check your address thoroughly. If you find any Correction then change  your address.

google-adsense-pin-postcard-maild-by-google How to Verify Google Adsense Address

To change your  google adsense account you have to follow these Steps

  • Sign in to your adsense account .
  • Click on the Gear Icon Shown in the right side .
  • Click on  Payment  > Manage  Settings > Payment profile > Name and address .(Do not change your Name)
  • Change your  Google adsense  address and Save Changes .  Please do remember that Put your real Pin point Location . otherwise you will never Get your PIN .

google-adsense-how-to-change-the-address-of-adsense-account How to Verify Google Adsense Address

After doing all the steps Google Mailed you a postcard Within 2 to 4 Weeks  from  the Date of  PIN Request . The time of receiving postcard is basically depends upon  your location. it may be 3 to 5 days or also may be 4 weeks .

You have only three chance to Verify your address via PIN. if you have not get any PIN then you can apply it again for second and third time by simply following same steps.

Another alternative is Government ID Certification to verify your  google adsense address.

Government Certificate Verification

If you are unable to verify your google  adsense  address via PIN . then you can try this alternative  to verify your address. You can either use your Telephone bill receipt  or Passport  for  address verification . If you are an Indian then you can use  Aadhar Card  for this Specific purpose .

How to verify google adsense address by Official Documentation  or Govt. Certificate Verification

  • Login to adsense account .
  • Click on the gear icon shown in  right side .
  • Go to the  Id Documentation  Section .
  • Fill your all  mandatory  Section. Put your ID  Number Instead of PIN .
  • Click on Upload Document button & Upload your Scanned Document  in PDF version .  Now click on Submit Button . * Please Check your   adsense address weather it is match your uploaded document  address or not . if it does not match with your google adsense address then change your  adsense address  according to your uploaded document .
  • After Doing so you will get an Email  which is about your  google adsense address conformation. it may often takes 30 to 60 minutes  for your address approval.



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