VDS & VPS Web Hosting

What  Is vds and VPS web hosting

In an earlier post, i discussed the reseller web hosting and also described benefits of reseller web hosting.
In today’s post, i will discuss the VPS and VDS web hosting and I will also tell you that what is the difference between VPS & VDS.

VPS web hosting (Virtual  Private Server )

As the name indicates that virtual private server means a private server which is nothing but an upgrade version of shared hosting. in shared hosting, A single public server has to carry the number of the website so the space allocated to you become less and loading time increases.but a  VPS (virtual private server) provide you better performance than shared web hosting.
A VPS is a virtual machine which is sold as a service by internet hosting service.
VPS has its own techniques to sever better facilities than shared web hosting server. in VPS web hosting a physical machine is divided into a number of virtual servers and server software are embedded in these server components. every individual server operates only single website. so this is the very first benefit of VPS over the shared web hosting.
here you will get your individual sever which does not affect by any other server employed to the physical machine. you will get exact disk space and bandwidth so your web accessing speed or website speed will be much higher in that of shared web hosting.

When You should Have To Use VPS hosting

1. Large amount of traffic 

when the traffic on your website becomes so high then it indicates that you should have to upgrade your hosing platform from shared web hosting to VPS web hosting.

2. Notification from server provider 

sometimes you may get a notification from your server provider to upgrade your web hosting server from shared to other web hosting sever like dedicated web hosting.

VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server)

VDS & VPS are not much differing from each other in VDS  different-2 processors and memories are allocated for different-2 users. It means whole hardware (processors and memories) are yours however in VPS, operating system is separated for an individual but hardware is shared by a bunch of users.
For beginners, very first option is shared hosting then VPS hosting and then VDS hosting. beginners have to first leave the shared hosting and go to the VPS hosting.

Best Example To Understand The Difference Between VPS & VDS

let you suppose that you are living in an apartment in this situation you have your own room but you are still sharing the other things like lawn, parking, and swimming pool etc. however your apartment is so big but besides if you are occupying a very small piece of the whole apartment .you have only your own privacy. so this is whole can be imagined as VPS.
Let you again suppose that you are an owner of your home. then whole the things that are situated inside your home is yours and you are also responsible for your properties. in this case you have to become more responsible. you are not sharing anything so you have pay very much for it.this is whole things can be imagined as VDS.


1. vds is more expensive because in vds there is no sharing 
2. one have to become more responsible during operating vds
3. vds can support different-2 operating system easily 
4. more skills are required to manage the vds  hosting
5. vds is more expensive but vds is more suitable for the large business purpose.
6. vds is more powerful than VPS.




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