Web hosting and types

What is web hosting

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                    In earlier five posts I discussed the website. in which I told you about the following topics
All beginner who are just starting their blogs, should aware about these topics. I have described all the important topic that plays an important role in developing a very solid and effective website. The very most thing before developing a website is that you should have to keep more patience. you can also visit my page about  best site to start a blog for free  

web Hosting

Basically, web hosting is a  file storage to store the different-2 files of the website. the web hosts are the companies that provide the storage facilities to the website owners. hosting companies provide a specific type of server through which an individual or any web developer can interact with the internet.

                                  An individual or web developer can transfer their file with the help of  FTP (file transfer protocol)  to its Hosted server.

Types of Web Hosting 

There are several types of  hosting  server
1.Shared  hosting

1.Shared Web Hosting 

Shared hosting is the best option for the beginners. Shared hosting is very cheap web hosting and also more affordable to the web beginners.in this type of hosting server, a very large number of users are connected to the same hosting server (means they are sharing the RAM and  CPU). means one server has connected with a number of users.
this is the drawback of this type of web hosting (shared web hosting). because due to a large number of users space become too less for an individual, so it may probably happen that loading speed of your website become very low.
For the starting purpose, this is the best option but I suggest you that when your website traffic becomes more than 2000 to 3000 per day then change your hosting server from shared to any other hosting server (probably dedicated server).
To purchase your web hosting server go to the given link below and  select baby plane 
you can also choose other hosting from other hosting platforms.  the best option I suggest to you is Hostgator and Bluehost

 the disadvantage of shared  hosting

1. shared  hosting has no root access  
2. larger amount of traffic can not be handled 
3. your site can be affected by the performance of the other sites




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