What is Website SEO Audit and Why is it Important To Do an Audit

What is Website SEO Audit and Why is it Important To Do an Audit

Today’s Very First Question is What is SEO audit & How do you Recognize your SEO performance?. It looks So weird when you work hard but don’t get any result. It happens because you have no Idea or detailed performance report of SEO to track nonsence. However, It seems to you that you have done everything that you need to do. But Sometimes you are unable to measure some silly nonsense which are responsible for SEO breakdowns. So I recommend you to do a website SEO Audit to Continuously keep an eye on SEO aspects to optimize your SEO performance.

Before I dive you deeper, let me tell the exact meaning of SEO audit.

What is Website SEO audit?

“Website SEO audit is a detailed analysis of website’ health to ensure whether your website is fulfilling the requirement of User & Search engine.”

It can also be defined as “A detailed report to check the SEO score out of 100 “

Website owners always want to Increase traffic by search engine optimization techniques. But it is very hard to synchronise with SEO. Because SEO changes continuously. So to run a web business one has to continuously analyze the SEO report to keep balance with SEO facts.

Why is it important to do an SEO audit?

There are several reasons behind the SEO audit.

  • To Check the several Issues related to SEO
  • To Improve SEO Score
  • To Improve Search Ranking
  • Synchronize with SEO updates.

Basically, it gives you some important health information of your website regarding SEO.

  • Website Technical Issues: – Indexing Issues, Page Loading Speed, Server Issues, Robot.txt file, Security, Server response time, Software used on a server (Like WordPress, PHP, Yoast SEO, Google Adsense ).
  • Content- Related Issues: – Keyword consistency, page length, Heading H1 Tag, Subheading H2 Tag, Number of inbound & outbound links, Content relevancy, the length of the post title, Image alt attributes, Meta description, Mobile friendliness, W3C Compliant.
  • Off Site SEO factor: – Number of backlinks, Social Engagement, User Interface, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Social bookmarking.
  • Duplicate Content Issue.
  • Analysis of Google Search console data
  • Crawl Issues.
  • Mobile accessibility

You check your duplicate content by using Copyscape – Plagiarism Checker

Check your page loading speed: GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization

There are a Number of ultimate SEO audit services who guaranteed page ranking #1 on Google. But you need to Invest a huge amount of money. It may vary from 500$ per month to thousands of dollars per month.

When I googled to know about the price I found that people are spending thousands of dollars to run their businesses with proper SEO.

Checkout: – Moz’s Recommended  a List of SEO Consultants/ Agencies 

There are also some free versions of SEO audit tools that you can use to retrieve some important information.

See my site audit info which I have retrieved from Semrush.

semrush tool for a website SEO audit

Some basic things that you need to do before perform a Website SEO audit

If you are a very Serious blogger or running an online web business. Then it is essential to keep your website healthy. For that, you need to do some treatments to collect all the issues that are responsible for making your website weak. So that you can take corrective actions to make your site perfect for both search engine as well as the users.

If your website is newbie blogger you don’t need to start any SEO audit. Wait unless and until you have done these following things.

  • Create your Sitemap: – there are many Sitemap generator tools that you can use to create your Sitemap. If you are on WordPress and using SEO by Yoast tool then you can directly generate Sitemap.
  • Submit your Sitemap to Google Webmaster tool,  Bing webmaster tool & Yandex webmaster tool.
  • Add your website to Google, Bing, & Yandex.
  • Submit your website to some high domain authority Web directories to generate some high authority backlinks.
  • Write Some great articles so that search engine can index those articles in their web directories.
  • Create your Facebook page, twitter account, LinkedIn account, google+ account.
  • Create robot.txt file.


In this, I have described some mandatory steps that you need to follow after just launching your website. I have also told you that website SEO audit is essential to collect the information related to SEO.

There are some very small mistakes that you always ignore during writing your article

  1. Keyword Consistency
  2. Meta description (Write compelling meta description to increase the CTR of your web page)
  3. Post title
  4. H1, H2 & H3 Tags
  5. Image alt attributes
  6. Inbound & Outbound Links
  7. Content relevancy
  8. Proper use of images & videos
  9. Permalinks
  10. Readability

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