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                     This is my third post about the bogging tips. the older two posts are   Best Site To Start A blog For Free  .in this post I  differentiate between WordPress and blogger.
                                                                     and HOW TO START A BLOG TO MAKE MONEY
In earlier post i discussed about the some important steps on which the beginners  have to be focus and one of them was website niches. now i think the beginners that are following my posts are enable to select a better website niche. the next important step is the working platform like blogger and WordPress.
   In this post, i will tell you about the what is better blogger or WordPress. both are best platforms to built a website.


blogger is the most popular blog platform to built an effective website. generally most of the beginners start blogging through the blogger because it seems very simple to work on it. I also started  my first blogging with blogger and i am still working on it .
                              WordPress is also a very powerful platform to built an attractive website. when a beginner starts blogging on the WordPress then it seems to be
a little tedious. but after some it become much easier to work on it then blogger.


1. Lack of plugins

                           This is the very first drawback of blogger that are still facing by me.  but this can be easily  resolve by learning about the blogger plugins and you can download the blogger plugins and gadgets from very famous website mybloggertricks. so due to this beginners  feel little trouble to do that. 
                                             wordpress is most suitable blogging platform and also consist of thousand of plugins. these attractive plugins  increase the effectiveness of the blog or website also responsible  to increase the traffic.

2. Lack of Attractiveness of blogger templates

                                         This is the second drawback of blogger.when the beginners start to blog on the blogger then it is very hard to choose a attractive and responsive blogger template due to lack of blogger template. but you can download the blogger templates for free from following link free responsive blogger templates from colorlib.
                                           wordpress is  very much loaded with attractive and responsive templates to make the blog very  effective. but their is also a drawback  that when we work on the wordpress free version then their is also limitation of themes or templates.

3. Ownership 

                        Blogger is the service which is more reliable and provided by google. blogger does not own by individual but own by google resources so google has an ability to stop your website without your permission.
                                           wordpress is  the service  which is  developed by own(hosting provider) so all the controls and responsibilities are in  individual’s hand. it depend on you that how long you want to access your website or blog.

4. Portability 

                   If  you want to move your blog or website from blogger to other platform then There is a  chance that you website will lose SEO (search engine rankings), subscribers, and followers during the exportation of blog . Even though blogger allows you to export your content, your data will stay on Google’s servers for a very long time. 
                                     in wordpress you can export your blog easily and their is no any risk of losing something like SEO , followers , and subscribers.
ok now i think  you are able to choose what is better blogger or wordpress .
you can use any of them but i suggest you to use wordpress for your business because wordpress is more seo friendly, attractive, effective and very famous ……so make your choice ….

if you have any query regarding this post then leave a comment in the comment box. thank you……….


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