What is CPM advertising

CPM Advertising

CPM advertising is also refer as  CPI (Cost per impression )/1000 .  it is the terminology which is generally use in online  advertising  and marketing  based upon website traffic. If  0.002$ is  CPI then it means that  advertiser allow you to earn 0.002$ per page view (condition : if your web page have  contain ads in it) . Cost per 1000 impression mean if you multiply CPI  with 1000 then you will get  Cost per  thousand impression(CPM).

Cost per thousand  impression(CPM) is mostly used by advertiser rather than CPI . However CPI and CPM  both are the similar terms . but CPM  is preferable because to make the number easier to manage . so one has to only focus  on 1000  ads impression  instead of 1 ad impression.

FORMULA :  CPM  =  CPI* 1000

Where CPI   =  cost of advertising / number of  impression


Here i want to differentiate between  impression  and  page view

If  someone visiting your website  and he land up a page which consist of one ads on it .  here visitor viewing your page . so this is refers as page view. and   he also see ads  exposing on your web page  so this is refers as  ad impression .

so here page view is one and ad impression is  also one. impression is only counted   if user visiting the web page . but  not to be consider if  user trying to refresh the web page.

CPM advertising is  developed by  advertiser to increase the product awareness  for visitors .

How to increase CPM Advertising

1. TO Increase  web traffic :   increase in traffic may results to more ads impression.

2.  Quality content

3. focusing high paying  keyword (Which have high cpc or CPM Advertising  cost)

4.Types of ads that you are placing on your web page

Difference between CPM and  CPC

1. CPC  refers to cost per click but  CPM is refers to cost per mile

2.  CPM  advertising is something in which   advertiser continuously  pay  to publisher . but  CPC  advertising  is something in which advertiser is only  pay for valid click .



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