5 Most Important White Hat SEO Techniques

5 most important white seo techniques

What is White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the legal way to optimize your website. These techniques are very important to optimize your website. It is again a value addition process to the website in which we follow the rules of google webmaster guidelines to make it more reliable.

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There are some important guidelines

  • Do not use the Fake content (spinning content).
  • Do not Involve with paid link program.
  • Fake page redirection May heart your website ranking.
  • Do not use  Secret links or text.


There are Many such types of  Guidelines  By the google Webmaster Tool

5 Most Important Techniques of White Hat SEO

1. Content that you are going to Write

However, you either use the SEO techniques or not but a quality content always wins.  so try to write a very fine, unique and fresh content which directly describe the motive of your subject. Do not use the unnecessary term to Make the page so long . because today’s Generation is very lazy. no one wants to read so large page. so you should keep them  Short & Meaningful.

2.  Architecture  of your website

The architecture of your site also plays very important role in increasing the user friendliness. As we all know that user accessibility is directly proportional to the traffic on your website. if you use bold methods to design your website then there is 100% chance that you will get better ranking in the search results.

There  are Some Bold Methods that you May use

  • Use a responsive and resizable theme to start your business or blogging.
  • Make it very attractive and user-friendly.
  • use effective navigation so that user can easily navigate your related page.
  • Add sitemap, about us & contact us page to your website navigation.
  • Do not use such themes which takes much time to load.

3. Use Images and videos

this is the very important white hat SEO technique to make your website more readable. if you are only using the text content and trying to understand all the things with the help of text. then it becomes so boring. people just want to rid off your website. so add some image and videos which are related to your content. so that user can easily understand about your information.

4. Development Social Networking

This is the Most primary factor to built a  social network. so that people can easily find you. it helps to increase the traffic and search visibility. you can share your website to the different -2 search social websites like facebook, twitter etc.

5. Meta Tags

It is basically a bit of introduction about the page content.

A look of meta tag




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