Why Google Ads Not Showing on my Blog & Website

Why Google ADS Not Showing on My Blog & Website_

Today’s Topic is a Guide to the Beginners Who have just started there blogging. They have a bunch of Issues Regarding with AdSense ads. So today I will give them Plenty of reasons so that you can resolve the Issue Like My google ads not showing on my blog or Website.

Let me tell you all the reason behind this Issue (google ads not Showing )………

There are Several Reasons

Adsense PIN is not Verified

Adsense PIN is a very Common Term for all the bloggers. In case if you don’t Know about the Google Adsense PIN Please read my Guide: What is Google Adsense PIN?

If your google Adsense ads not showing on your blog. Then it may possible that you have not verified your Adsense address. So, it is very important to verify your Adsense address. Please read the following guide that I have given earlier.

In Some Cases, you will find that your google ads not showing on your blog. Because Google Adsense detect Some invalid Click activities on your website. Google has very smart technique to interpret any fraud Clicks on ads. So make  Sure do not make any Click on your blog. otherwise, your Adsense account can be  Suspended.

How Can I Get back My Adsense account again

Some day’s ago I had also the Same Issue. I was Checking my Gmail account. where I found an email from the google Adsense. They  Informed me that “your Google AdSense account has been disapproved”. I felt Despair. But I was very much Curious About that “why google ads not showing on my blog”. They told me the reason behind it. They told me that, due to the Invalid Click Activities on your ads your account has been disapproved. 

In order to get back my AdSense account first, I Studied About Invalid Activities.

What is Invalid Click Activities

These are nothing but fraud Clicks or Impressions on ads. this is also known as artificial traffic on a website.

Invalid Clicks may be generated by following activities

  • Clicking on own (Publisher’s ) ads in order to get more revenue.
  • A Periodic or repeating Click activity on ads.
  • Use of deceptive Software  to generate  automatic  Clicks on ads

These all the activities are Strictly Prohibited by Google Adsense Program Policies. If Adsense detects involvement of any of these activities. google Adsense may Suspend your account.

Most of the People Complaining me that” why there is a difference between finalized and Estimated Earnings. So this is the very first reason behind it. So make Sure that if you find any type of  these activities then Please follow Some Tips:

  • Please Strictly Keep an eye on your Adsense Account Regularly.
  • Do not Click On your Own ads.
  • Do not Involve With any untrusted Third Parties ads networks.
  • Consult on  Google Adsense Help Forum.
  • Do not place More than 3 ads on a single page of your web.
  • If you find any invalid activity on your site  please fill up this form :(Invalid Click activities contact form)

Bonus Tip: If your AdSense account has been disapproved. then in order to get back your account, you can fill up this  Adsense Invalid click activity appeal Form

You Only have to fill this appeal form. After a while, you will Receive an email, where AdSense team will let you inform about your AdSense account. they will schedule a date for your AdSense account re-activation. this duration may vary between 15 days to 30 days or more.At the end of the period, you will get a confirmation Email. Now you are able to see ads on your blog & website.

Confirmation Email:-

google ads not showing on my blog due to invalid click activity


Ads Blocking & Cookies Issue

Sometimes there is a cookies issue which may also responsible for blocking of ads. so due to this reason google ads not showing on a blog. So make sure that before browsing, keep delete your cache files & Cookies from the browser.

Wrong Ads Code Implementation

Here you have to simply Compare your exact ad Code (Copied from the AdSense >my ads>Create New ad unit) with the Code that is Showing on your Browser View Source page. if you find any difference between both of these, then you can place a fresh ad code copied from the AdSense ad unit.

You Signed Up through an Adsense hosted Partner

If you signed up through an Adsense hosted partner like youtube, blogger and would like to show ads on your Customized own domain name . then, in this Case, you need to apply a one-time approval request from within your AdSense account. So if you do not apply this then your google ads not showing on your website.

You have not enabled JavaScript On your Browser

As You all know that Adsense ad code is an HTML/javascript code. So it requires to Enable javascript in your browser. otherwise, your google ads not showing on your website.



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