Top 10 Youtube Channel ideas With A Strategy To Choose Best Video Category

Top 10 Youtube Channel ideas With A Strategy To Choose Best Video Category

Do you know how much you could earn from youtube?. People are making a ton of money on youtube platform. You could also be one of those YouTubers like Pewdiepie, LittleBabyBum. 

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According to YouTube Press, YouTube has over 1 billion hours watched daily. In 2012 YouTube reached 4 billion views per day. It has over one billion active users and now has reached up to 1.5 billion users. 50% of the YouTube creators are earning six figures per year.

YouTube statistics is continuously increasing over the years. So, It could be a great idea to make money on YouTube.

Monthly active user on top search engines

From the above statistics, you can say that how much YouTube is popular. It has almost 1.5 billion active users per month.

According to the screenshot shown below, in every minute, almost 27,00,000 video views and 1,39,000 hours of video are watched on YouTube.

Youtube statistics
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My today’s topic is ‘Best YouTube channel ideas to grow online earnings’. Before diving into it, let me talk a little bit about how you make money on YouTube & what are the factors that affect your YouTube earnings.

As you know AdSense is the primary source of online earnings. Every beginner starts from here.

Making money on YouTube is not hard. Once your channel gets 10,000 views then you can fill out the AdSense partnership form. After getting approval, you are ready to put AdSense ad code on YouTube videos and start making money.

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However, this could be easy for you. But only uploading the videos and put the ads on videos won’t  work for you. Because getting 10,000 views is hard for beginners and takes some reasonable time. You can’t achieve this milestone overnight.

For win results, you need to know a few things

  • Create quality videos
  • Don’t copy other’s content.
  • Video content should comply YouTube and AdSense policies.
  • Promote your videos on social media networks.
  • Upload videos to your YouTube channel regularly.
  • The video should be ad friendly.
  • Make a virtual communication between you and your subscribers to get a feedback.


After your AdSense ads go live you would start getting ad impressions and clicks. Every single click could give you 0.1$ to 5$ or more depending on the geolocation and ad quality.

There are a ton of terms used in AdSense that you must know like CPM, CTR, eCPM, CPC, active viewability and RPM etc. These terminologies are used to measure the effective earnings and also used by advertisers to know insights of their ad campaign and understand the user behaviour.

If you are familiar with each and every term then your 50% work has completed. But if you don’t then I recommend you to learn about them. Because these are most important factors that affect YouTube earnings.

Most common factors that affect YouTube earnings.

  1. Quality of your videos
  2. Ad friendliness
  3. Targeted traffic
  4. Watch time
  5. CPM
  6. CPC
  7. CTR
  8. Video category
  9. Active subscribers
  10. User behaviour
  11. Quality of ads that are showing in your videos
  12. Thumbnail – According to a study, it has been found that thumbnail of a video could increase 154% of user’s engagement on YouTube.

Some other alternatives to AdSense for YouTube are Affiliate marketing, Sponsorship, Influencer marketing network, YouTube MCN etc.

I am sure, now you could think of some better YouTube channel ideas because above factors make you clear that what is good for a healthy channel. Now, let’s close the above discussion and start looking for some effective YouTube channel ideas to increase earnings.

Top 10 YouTube Channel ideas With A Strategy To Choose Best Video Category

There are many blogs out there that talk about YouTube channel ideas. But they don’t tell the exact solution. They just give you some common examples of video categories.

However, video category affects earnings but there other factors that have a parallel impact on YouTube earnings.

Although, this article is not explaining these factors. But I will try to explain everything that indirectly affecting your YouTube earnings along with some great YouTube channel ideas.

Before diving into it, let’s take a moment to read it.

There are several things that you need to ensure before creating youtube channel.

  1. Discover your interest: If you are interested to create a youtube channel then you have to confirm yourself that what you exactly like. It could be anything like singing, cooking, dancing etc. Then only you have a list of best youtube channel ideas.
  2. After discovering the interest, you can root yourself and start looking for sources.
  3. Don’t ignore audience: If you choose a video category that has high search volume and engagement then it could lead to easy growth for your youtube channel.
  4. Money, money, money: If money is your primary concern then don’t forget to learn the effect of Adsense advertising matrices like CPM, CTR, eCPM, CPC, Ad quality etc. Because Adsense would be your primary earning source.

Let’s get started…

(*All these ideas are based on my personal experience. Don’t take it personally)

#1. Make a ‘product review’ channel

It’s a good idea to have a ‘product review’ channel because it has two benefits. The first benefit is that you can run your channel until companies stop producing products and the second one is that high CPM rate that means more money.

Instead of this, video content is more relevant to ad units. Because companies produce products and run an ad campaign on YouTube through AdSense that you are going to review. Resulting, you have a high click-through rate which means more ad clicks and you could earn more money.

You could make two way earning by creating your website along with YouTube channel

As I have described above that CPM has a great impact on YouTube earnings. So you should go for it.

But remember a few things: –

  1. Creating ‘Product review’ video is hard because you need to have some knowledge about the product and a few dollar to purchase the product.
  2. On YouTube, people generally looking for entertainment so it’s hard to get traffic.
  3. It may take a good time to get into YouTube trending list, which makes you frustrated.
  4. A lot of money is required to purchase some heavy products like iPhone, tech devices etc.

However, it takes time but this YouTube channel idea is great for tech-savvy or tech bloggers.

#2. Make ‘Funny’ YouTube channel

If you are a funny creator and want to explore your talent then it’s a great idea. Because people like to see funny videos. This video idea contains all type of funny videos like funny mimicry, amazing funny clips etc…

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of making funny YouTube channel.

Pros: –

  1. Potential to grasp the attention of the people.
  2. Increase the watch time
  3. More video views
  4. Viewers easily convert into subscribers
  5. No need to invest money. You could even start with your mobile camera.
  6. It takes a few months to receive tons of subscribers
  7. Affiliate marketing and sponsorship could be more beneficial than AdSense.

Cons: –

  1. Ads do not relevant to your video content.
  2. Low CTR (Click through rate) of ads.
  3. Less CPM
  4. Low-quality ads


#3. Create music cover videos

People really like to hear the music covers. You can make a music cover channel. But remember that you need to record your videos clearly because if your sound is not clear people will not like to hear your music. You could either purchase a mice to record your covers clearly.

A little investment could give you uncountable love and fame. So don’t wait just go ahead and start. Make covers only of those songs that you can sing correctly.


  1. You would receive high native traffic.
  2. If you can sing well then you can get tons of subscribers.
  3. Good CPM
  4. High watch time

Cons: –

  1. Initial investment is required (For purchasing mice)
  2. An average ad CTR
  3. Targeting of traffic is so isolated. Because if you make ‘hindi’ covers then you would receive more traffic from India that means less CPC.

#4. Unboxing specific product

It’s pretty easy to make an unboxing video. Because any time you purchase a new product then you can make a first impression of the product.

Pros: –

  1. Easy to create unboxing videos
  2. Newly launched products can attract a huge crowd. (Only if your product is new)
  3. It does not require any pre-scripting
  4. CPM is good


Cons: –

  1. You can’t upload videos regularly.
  2. It takes some reasonable time to achieve subscribers.
  3. Less watch time
  4. Less active users due to low uploading frequency.

#5. Lecture series

If you are a college student or a lecturer and want to make your career on YouTube. Then this YouTube channel idea is good for you. You need to choose a subject and learn deeply about it.

Pros: –

  1. It does not require additional time to spend. One can easily do it along with his/her college life.
  2. Risk-free
  3. No investment
  4. You could easily be gathered by students and friends

Cons: –

  1. It takes time to achieve a huge attention (but there is no risk of losing anything)
  2. Less number of views


#6. Tech videos

Nowadays technology has become most important part of the people’s life. So, if you can provide daily tech updates then it could be the best channel idea.

Why this is the best idea because of

  1. It becomes people’s basic need.
  2. Almost every product is based on technology.
  3. There are tons of companies that are running thousands of ad campaign which results in high adverting and high-quality ads.
  4. One can regularly upload the videos.
  5. More user’s engagement.

There are more than 250+ tech channels have ranked on YouTube. These channels could also be beneficial for you to create outstanding content.

There are thousands of tech sub-categories. You could select any of them according to your expertise.

Different type of technology

  1. Food technology
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Nano-technology
  4. Environment technology

You can choose any of above and start creating videos.

#7. Health suggestions

Nowadays people are suffering from tons of health issues. So, it’s good to have a ‘health suggestions’ YouTube channel.

However, it requires a lot of knowledge about health but a medical student or doctor could do it easily.

Pros: –

  1. CPM is pretty good.
  2. Actionable video content
  3. Nice CPC

Cons: –

  1. Less search volume
  2. It’s hard to upload videos regularly


#8.  Make a few videos that pace with current trend

Creating videos without any research would not help you. So, always pacing with current trend would be beneficial for you. You need to just create a few videos that match the current trend.

For example, fidget spinner has now become most popular toy among the people. Now let’s suppose your video category is ‘funny’. Then you can connect your video with fidget spinner in such a way that it looks funny as well as match with fidget trend.

You don’t need to create all of your videos like this. Just create a few videos that make sense. This idea could help you to ignite your YouTube

#9.  Shoot cute animal movements  

Everyone likes cute animals. So it’s a creative YouTube channel idea to get started with. You don’t need to put any efforts.

Pros: –

  1. No investment
  2. Zero efforts
  3. A huge crowd of people
  4. Easy to get subscribers
  5. Regular updating
  6. No risk of failure

Cons: –

  1. Low CPC
  2. Low CPM

#10. Vlogging videos

If you like to shoot your own lifestyle or daily routine then you can start from here. However, it is only possible if you are free. If you do a 9 to 5 job then it could be hard to you.

But people who have no job can easily start making money from YouTube without investing money.

Strategy to select a suitable video category for better results. [A better YouTube video idea]

strategy to select a suitable video category infographic

#11. News Updates 

If you feel like a news reporter then don’t wait just go ahead and start creating news updates. 


  • It’s easy to get tons of views from social media
  • Easy to create videos
  • Good user engagement 

Cons: – 

  • Low CPM
  • Low ad quality
  • Low CPC

Once you select your video category, next step is to learn how to derive traffic to your YouTube videos. Here are a few tips to make your video viral.

  1. Create some of your videos based on current trend to grasp the attention
  2. Use proper transcripts to make your video script search engine friendly
  3. Ask your subscribers to improve your video quality
  4. collab with other YouTubers to make a solid bond
  5. Speak clearly, because YouTube now can hear your voice. 
  6. Do video keyword research to get your videos on youtube and Google as well.

Attention: – 25 best SEO practices to rank your video on YouTube


However, there are thousands of channel ideas but the best idea is to follow your passion. When I researched I had found that “YouTube earnings do not change by changing the video categories.”

I know you won’t believe me but I technically calculated that YouTube earning does not directly affect different video categories.

Your earnings changes only if following matrices become affected: – (Google AdSense)

  1. CPM
  2. CPC
  3. eCPM
  4. Ad quality
  5. Watch time
  6. User behaviour (Like, dislike, subscribers & comments)
  7. Views (affects Indirectly)

Each video category has a different weight of these matrices. For example, CPC (click per cost) of ad unit showing on Health video would higher than funny video categories. Similarly, CPC of ad unit showing on technology video would higher than health video and so forth. So, it’s hard to predict the optimum value of all these terms.

Let’s understand a little mathematics for Funny video categories.

Video category: – FUNNY

Video Views: Easy to achieve thousands of views

Watch time: – quite good

User-behavior: – Nice

Ad quality: – Low quality of ads would be served by ad network (including AdSense) due to lack of ad campaigns for these video category.

CPC: – due to low ad-quality, CPC would be very less.

CPM: – Low

CTR: – click-through rate would be very less due to irrelevant ad unit.

  1. CTR-1 (click through rate corresponding to video click) would be high.
  2. CTR-2 (click through rate corresponding to ad clicks) is pretty much low due to lack of content relevancy.


To calculate your YouTube earning through AdSense, use this formula: –

[{Total ad’s impression – invalid ad’s impression} * CPM] + {CTR*100} * Avg CPC

Check out this link to understand the working of this formula

And also check it out: –

Approximate ad impression revenue per 1000 page views = CPM (cost per mile)

CTR means of click-through rate = Number of valid clicks on ads / 100

Now here you can see that funny video has high user engagement but correspondingly, has low CPC, CPM and ctr.

So, here the catch is that whether you choose any video category but earning does not bring big differences.
The only difference is that funny video channel gets easy engagement and good response. But other categories may take some good amount of time.

So, from here you can see the effect of these parameters on YouTube earnings. Similarly, you can make a calculation for your YouTube channel ideas with the help of above formula.

I have given you a secret tool to see which YouTube channel idea would fit you.  So, I can clearly say that video category is indirectly affected all parameters.

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